FAQ'S (Frequently Asked Questions)

#1- How can I enter this contest?

A. The easiest way to get in this contest is to know me (JB3), or to know one of the many people that collect up entry sheets for me.

B. You can send me an email and we can try and arrange a way for you to get in on the fun, My motto is & will always be " The More, The Merrier ".


#2- Can I enter the Extravaganza online?

Not now or in the near future will you be able to enter online, just to many issues that I do not have good solutions for YET.  If you see question #1 above, maybe arrangements can be made for you to get in.  These arrangements need to be confirmed prior to you being entered in the contest.

#3- What is the entry fee?

5 American Dollars, the same as it has always been and will be forever.

#4- How much are the payouts?

Payouts are determined by the number of entries received for the contest.  For the last couple of years, I have paid the top 12, the 5 Bounty winners, & Last Place gets their money back.  THE PAYOUTS ARE SOLELY DETERMINED BY ME, AND WILL BE POSTED ON THE WEBSITE.  The website is not free and neither is my gas from running around collecting up entries, therefore these costs MUST be deducted from the entry fees.  I also put a huge amount of time and effort into running this pool so that everyone has a good time, and I truely believe that the payouts are more than fair for a $5 entry fee.

#5- What is a bounty?

A bounty is a mini contest inside of the main contest, whereas certain games make up a new pool all of their own.  We have 5 of them again this year.

Last 2 Lose- Whoever goes the longest before getting their first game wrong. 

New Years- All 9 games played on Dec 30th & New Years DAY.

Big Ten- All 10 or 11 games with teams from the BIG TEN conference involved.

Playoff- The 7 games that are part of the playoff rotation.

Non-Power- All 15 games with no teams from the power conferences involved.

#6- What is the entry deadline?

The entry deadline for this year is: THURSDAY, DEC. 19TH.

#7- What if multiple entries have same record?

We break all ties with the 3 TieBreakers on the entry sheet.  We start with #1 and only move on to #2 and then #3 if there is still a tie.  The Tie Breakers are closest without going over ( PRICE IS RIGHT STYLE ) so therefore 6 points under beats 1 point over.

#8- What if I forget to pick a winner for a game or forget to fill in a tiebreaker score?

Any game that has no team or both teams picked will be counted as a Loss.

Any blank tie breaker will be assigned a score of 300.

If you can get your pick or tiebreaker to me BEFORE the picksheet has been posted I will enter it for you.  AFTER THE PICKSHEET IS POSTED NO CHANGES CAN BE MADE.  (Except for Data Entry errors by me.)

#9- What is the reference box for?

The Reference Box is intended for use by those who collect up sheets for me, with this many entries it is impossible for me to know who everyone is.


#10- How do I keep updated during the contest?

Every thing you need to know will be posted on this website.  All files and documents will be posted in both WORD (.docx) and PDF (.pdf) formats.

#11- How often is the website updated?

I will update the website at the conclusion of each nights last game.  Please be patient with me everything is not automatic.  I have to tabulate the new standings before I can post them to the site.  I promise to work as diligently as possible to keep things updated as quick as possible.

#12- What if more than one entry sheet has the same entry name?

This has been a problem in the past and has only been getting worse as the contest continues to grow every year.  PLEASE TRY AND UNIQUELY IDENTIFY YOURSELF.  Just first names is really not an option any more.  Add an initial(s) or a number, make up something funny.  SPACE IS LIMITED, so don't write a novel.

ABSOLUTELY NO VULGARITY.  I reserve the right to make any modifications to the entry names that are needed (duplications or language).

Wall of Champs

1998 : Cal 2 (17-5)

1999 : R Jones (19-4)

2000 : Bobo (19-6)

2001 : Lion King (21-4)

2002 : J Lund (18-10)

2003 : Sully 1 (22-6)

2004 : Trouble 1 (21-7)

2005 : Skipper-FWS (21-7)

2006 : Darrel 2 (27-5)

2007 : JPB (26-6)

2008 : Bachman 2 (24-10)

2009 : T Heinlein 4 (26-8)

2010 : MPS (26-9)

2011 : ZIP 3 (29-6)

2012 : Kelly Bama (26-9)

2013 : Elmo (26-9)

2014 : Scotty B (29-10)

2015 : Bachman 2 (34-7)

2016 : T Lindstrom (31-10)

2017 : Tom G 1 (29-11)

2018 : Stu-Pid (29-10)

2019 : Budsipper 3 (33-7)


Wall of Shame

1998 : Diesel (7-15)

1999 : RJ (8-15)

2000 : Mankey (9-16)

2001 : Basic Instinct (9-16)

2002 : BP (9-19)

2003 : Darnell T (9-19)

2004 : T.E.D. (10-18)    

2005 : Penguins Dog (8-20)

2006 : Cori (9-23)

2007 : Heiney 4 (6-26)

2008 : BO-FWS (9-25)

2009 : Brad Smith 2 (10-24)

2010 : C-Note (12-23)

2011 : Don F-Galaxy (10-25)

2012 : MG Bell 781 (11-24)

2013 : Sully TSE (9-26)

2014 : Todd Male (10-29)

2015 : Mary Hipsher1 (13-28)

2016 : Maddog2004 (13-28)

2017 : J Lutrell (9-31)

2018 : Katarra E (12-27)

2019 : RL Jones (10-30)

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